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All services offered will be representative of a discrete set of values:

  • Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Authenticity are the lenses through which I see and the muscles I use to move.

  • Time is our most valuable asset so my efforts, thinking, and partnership will honor it as such.

  • Taking risks, having courage, and taking exceptional care of people is how work moves and how changes are sustained over time.

  • I do my best work by not taking myself too seriously and on the worst days, there is still usually room to slide in a joke. In the riskiest work and through the hardest lessons, sometimes we laugh to keep from crying.

Consulting Services

For people seeking to audit processes to enhance them and then to ensure they are sustainable at scale.  This service is best utilized for leaders or organizations seeking to gain efficiencies, productivity, and to optimize capacity. I will help support you in creating organizational systems at scale to protect time, conserve resources and to increase alignment.


Deliverable Production

For people out of capacity and short on time, this service may be available upon request as a companion service to one of the other offerings.


Leadership Coaching

One on One

For leaders seeking thought partnership, guidance, and support as they work to ‘level up.’ My personalized one-on-one leadership coaching empowers executives, managers, and individual learners to “level up” by developing their leadership skills. I am a truth teller, and ‘hype woman’ invested in your professional transformation.


Leadership Coaching


For small groups of leaders who are teammates or in role-alike positions, this coaching model supports thought partnership with a solutions-orientation. It brings small groups of people together to enhance performance in their roles by job title, or to enhance their interdependencies as team members. This is best utilized by Chiefs of Staff, DEI practitioners, Strategy roles, or Talent professionals.

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