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About Me

I'll keep this brief...

Leadership Experience 

I am a certified cognitive coach and two-time executive, who has served as Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief of Staff in organizations specializing in Talent, Risk Management, and a variety of internal functions (Advocacy, Analytics, Communications, Compliance, DEI, Grants, Marketing, Operations, and Strategy). I have been employed as a subject matter expert and leader of numerous work streams building broad and deep knowledge. My passion for systems thinking, future planning, and leadership coaching for growth and/or sustainability have become areas of specialization and I am motivated to bring them to each engagement.

A futurist with a deep conviction for inclusion, belonging, and the power of teams, I am mission-driven and my various engagements represent a synthesis of all things important to me: quality at scale, authentic leadership, community impact, and growth (personal, professional, and strategic). I work to make complex problems accessible and I debunk false dichotomies by leaning into nuance and objectivity. I am a coach and a leader of leaders with over 15 years of experience in and around education. A problem solver with a solutions-orientation, I enjoy working with clients and partners to seek their desired outcomes.

AxlPhx means two things:

  1. A legacy to leave the world better for my children and yours; and

  2. That when the world knocks you down, you muster the resilience to rise again.

Professional skillset

Building organizational frameworks that scale

Change management facilitator

DEI lead

Relationship building and maneuvering complex environments 

Deep practitioner experience in a variety of functional areas

Building high performing teams

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